New 2020 doraemon movie, doraemon movie in hindi Download

New 2020 doraemon movie, doraemon movie in hindi Download

Doraemon in India

Anime (1979 series and 2005 series)

Doraemon in India

The anime has been featured on Hungama TV since 13 February 2005 when the Doraemon franchise was launched in India. On November 19, 2010, Hungama TV's sister channel, Disney Channel India, is re-airing the old Doraemon episodes that are airing on Hungama TV. Disney India has called for episodes starting with the series Doraemon (1979 anime). The latest episodes of the Doraemon (2005 anime) series began airing on Hungama TV and Disney Channel India, debuting as New Doraemon in October and November 2013. Several episodes of the 1979 anime version were also represented on the Disney Channel in January 2017 under the title Classic Doraemon. As of 1 January 2018, Hungama TV has stopped showing the Doraemon episode and is now only broadcast on the Disney Channel. However, Hungama is showcasing India's 2019 Doraemon film just after its debut on TV Disney Channel.

In November 2016, Amazon Prime India signed an agreement with TV Asahi to telecast a series of various anime series including Doraemon in India only. In 2020 Doraemon also began airing on Disney + Hotstar.

List of Doraemon movie

This list of Doraemon movies includes both feature features and films based on the Doraemon manga and anime series. Since 1980, all these films have been released by Toho to date. Toho currently owns distribution and licensing rights to all series films. The franchise was previously known as Dora Movie until 2004.

At the Japanese box office, Doraemon grossed over $ 100 billion and sold over 100 million tickets, beating Godzilla as Japan's top franchise. [1] Doraemon is also the world's largest film franchise, and one of the world's top film franchises.

Premiere of Doraemon - Nobita's Dinosaur on Disney Channel has given the best viewership performance since 2005 for a child show at 5.24 TVR among all children (CS 4-14 ABC) at HSM, 4.33 million for Doraemon in Nobita. Beat its record rating of Great Adventure in South Seas which was telecast on 5 June.


The channel received overwhelming response across all channels with 33% share in the Hindi Speaking Markets (HSM) and 28% shares across India during the film's primary telecast.


Premier was ranked # 1 in the children's style time slot with 66% share in HSM and 63% in All India (CS 4-14 ABC) among all children.


The viewership in some markets was particularly notable with Punjab (1 Mn +) double-digit TVR with 10.55. This was followed by 8.71 TVR in Delhi, 8.11 TVR in UP, among others.


“It is wonderful to see children and families enjoying the rich menu of Disney Channel content. Doraemon has a fascinating story and a familiar setting to which every Indian child can relate. This success is a testament to the unique way in which Disney connects with its children and family audiences on multiple levels, ”said Natasha Malhotra, VP and GM, Walt Disney Television International India.


During the week, over 17.9 million individuals and 6.5 million children participated in the all-India film.


Apart from his popularity with Disney Channel viewers, Doraemon has been ranked as the # 1 character for children across India by Ormax India in October 2011.

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